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Personalized In Home Care


My name is Michelle, I started Affordable Home Care 5 years ago in Calgary.  I have had the pleasure of working with many people with all sorts of different needs. I really enjoying hearing all of the very interesting stories, it certainly is never a dull moment! My passion is to help in anyway that makes life easier for the client. Please let me know how I can make you smile. 


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In House Home Care Services

There’s no place like Home,

Our priority is to keep seniors in their homes. Being at home is more familiar and less confusing. It can be devistaging having to leave a life full of memories behind. Another difficulty is only being able to bring limited belongings. Home should be happy, relaxing and comfortable. 

Helping seniors enjoy their life again. Times can get tough but with one of our caregivers, we can help to guide your loved one to activities they used to enjoy. Golf, swimming, shopping or traveling. We can help. 

“I don’t know what I would do without you, you are my right hand.”

”There’s nobody in the world like you.”

”You are my blessing.”

”It’s so nice to you see.”

”You make my day, everything seems brighter when you are around.”